1. Q1 2018

    Idea Established

    Puget Sound, WA founders identify an opportunity in the manufacturing and distribution of small components and hardware of the aerospace industry. The idea is established to develop a manufacturing environment nimble enough, and optimized from a manufacturing and customer service standpoint, to support industry demands.

  2. Q3 2018

    Location Established

    Location established for Blue Heron Manufacturing facility. Blue Heron is located in Edmonds, WA a key location to support the Aerospace Community in the Puget Sound Area, USA with the objective to scale in size supporting the international aerospace community.

  3. Q4 2018

    Open doors to manufacturing facility

    heron blue


  4. Q1 2019

    AS9100 Rev. D Certification

    "Building quality management system from the group up". The Blue Heron team takes pride in building the quality management systems from the ground up. Prototype manufacturing will be utilized to validate compliance, efficiency with the primary objective to support customer growth.

  5. Q1-Q4 2019

    Production Begins

    Manufacture using existing approved manufacturing equipment. Evaluate customer demand, approve capital expenditures as needed per industry rate increases.

  6. Q2 2019

    Interactive Customer Orders

    Live customer response. Interactive Customer Order and Tracking tool released.

  7. Q1 2020

    Establish QPL process

    Outline strategic plan for in house test lab. By year end 2020, establish QPL process.