About Us

Blue Heron is a woman owned U.S. manufacturer specializing in the aerospace industry with a primary concentration on small components, hardware and standards.  Our leadership team is constructed of a small, diverse team with a background of over 40 years’ experience in Aerospace.  Our diversity allows Blue Heron the ability to effectively support changes in the industry.

Blue Heron leaders have identified a gap in the aerospace industry on limited or single source manufacturers for aerospace hardware and standards.  Blue Heron aims to fill the gap, by adding competition to the market and eliminating limited sourced, customer qualified, product.  Blue Heron strives to surpass competition by elevating customer service to meet industry demands. Our cost structure will help the aircraft industry offset rate increases. Our ability to meet short flow requests while maintaining a competitive cost structure is our competitive advantage.

Right Sizing Aerospace Manufacturing For Hardware And Standards  

Blue heron meets the needs, and high rate demands for small components, hardware and standards.  The dramatic growth in the aerospace industry demands that suppliers to be flexible and nimble.  Blue Heron strives to support the industry with fast turns and economical small components, hardware and standards.


Blue Heron’s vision is to efficiently and economically source and meet the needs of the aerospace industry.  Blue Heron's near term manufacturing capabilities include build to print manufacturing with a target date to add  approvals for customer-qualified (QPL) designs by 2020.

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